The Cameo Jewels

The "Cameo Jewels" is the performance troupe of the Cameo Club and is available to perform for Metro Washington and throughout Virginia at state and community events, retirement communities, senior centers, and veterans hospitals. The traveling troupe is an exclusive group of women who have competed in Ms. Senior America state and national pageants and have reached the "Age of Elegance" 60 years and better. Many are Ms. Senior Virginias spanning from 1984 (the first representive) through today.

The Cameo Jewels tour in the metropolitan area and present showcases in Richmond, Staunton, Virginia Beach and many Northern Virginia Centers. The Cameo Jewels were also honored to perform at the White House.

The multi-talented performers entertain with song & dance routines, inspirational & spiritual monologues, ballet, tap dance and audience participation. They intersperse their philosophies of life and what paths they are charting for their new journey.

Contact us if you would like more information about scheduling a performance.